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Web Texts

The differences between printed content and digital content are by now easy to identify. What’s less well understood and leveraged are the advantages digital content can bring to an educational setting.

Beyond the cost benefits – where web texts can represent savings over their printed counterparts – there are the benefits realized in the learning experience. Because a web text can contain content impossible to include in a printed textbook – interactivity in the form of quizzes, polls and dialogues; multimedia in the form of video, audio and hyperlinks – students learn more.

And there are also the teaching benefits. Instructors can track a student’s journey through course material, even receiving reports analyzing progress. Web texts can also be flexible in ways unimaginable with a printed textbook: it’s possible to curate digital content to deliver materials customized to the specific focus of a specific course.

As with any rapidly emerging technology there’s a wide range of quality when it comes to Web Texts. Keep in mind that not all Web Texts solutions are created equal.