Connecting Ed-Tech with Education.

Learning Relationship Management (LRM)

What Customer Relationship Management is to business, Learning Relationship Management is to education. With the robust IT capabilities now readily available, it’s possible to keep a close eye on all aspects of a student’s educational experience. But key are the relationships – LRM is a tool for building a learning community around the individual student.

Because learning is a fundamentally human and deeply personal experience, the goal of LRM is not to expedite the numerous transactions between stakeholders but to fortify the essential relationships that give the educational experience value and meaning.

Good LRM is about creating sustaining relationships among mentors, coaches, peers, faculty and staff for the benefit of every individual student. Because learning happens best when it happens with informed others, LRM can minimize the risk that students fail to meet their goals, and maximize their potential for a better future.

There is no such thing as the average student; each is an individual, with specific needs and goals. Good LRM can help institutions recognize what makes each student unique and forge the relationships crucial to a productive educational experience.

LRM programs can be designed to help students get the most from their education – beginning with the application process, through their academic engagements, and onto career planning and job placement. As employers continue to demand more from employees, good LRM can keep students on pace to meet those demands.

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