Connecting Ed-Tech with Education.

Learning Analytics

Improving student success has become mission critical for many post-secondary institutions. Learning Analytics leverages IT, including educational big data, to match the needs of individual students with educational resources, creating pathways to achievement. A personalized learning experience has been shown to improve educational outcomes for both students and institutions. More important now than ever before.

In contrast to general worries about the dehumanizing effect of technology on education, Learning Analytics is focused on the use of the latest technology innovations. Institutions are becoming more departmentalized and learning more fragmented. A robust Learning Analytics solution is a dashboard for integrating and delivering learning-critical information about individual students to all stakeholders in that student’s education.

Several strategic imperatives can be addressed with Learning Analytics programs:

  • Student Retention: Learning Analytics helps guide students along the most effective pathway to success.
  • Cost of Education: Learning Analytics improves educational planning and progress toward degree completion by helping students avoid unproductive credits.
  • Resource Allocation: With Learning Analytics, resource allocation can be planned and implemented on an as-needed basis because the needs of students can be forecast before they become needs.
  • Reputation: Students who succeed are the best PR an institution can hope for. And Learning Analytics exists solely for the purpose of improving student success.

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