Connecting Ed-Tech with Education.

Edvantage CONNECT
Educators are inundated with ed-tech offers. It’s hard to break through the clutter and build the relationships that build market acceptance.

Edvantage Connect leverages our vast network of education decision makers to introduce new solutions and build relationships that move products from ideas to implementation.

Relationships are at the heart of any successful endeavor. Most ed-tech developers are product-focused. That singular focus can lead to the all-too-common mistake of leaving customers out of the equation.

The Edvantage Group’s savvy, seasoned business development professionals are equipped to handle all aspects of relationship building, from new contact acquisitions to ongoing retention.

We help connect both faculty and administrators with ed-tech developers:

Business Development: From targeted campaigns to virtual meetings, we present ed-tech solutions to educators. We make the connections that lead to understanding that leads to ed-tech adoption. The Edvantage Group is there every step of the way, helping educators become ed-tech partners.

Relationship Management: We help manage and optimize the value of critical developer-educator relationships. Our unparalleled service to educators helps ensure continued use of ed-tech products and services and uncovers new opportunities.

Institutional Adoption: Schools are under pressure to improve student success and retention rates and administrators are looking for outside help. We help stakeholders navigate the ever-changing ed-tech landscape, connect decision makers with solutions and focus everyone’s resources on the real issues.