Connecting Ed-Tech with Education.

Edvantage BUILD
Ed-tech success stories aren’t built in isolation. Edvantage Build puts educators and developers together to create real-world incubators of new-generation teaching tools.

We help build genuine, give-and-take relationships that build better products with greater acceptance.

Great products are the result of great relationships. Developers need to get close to educators, carefully eliciting helpful feedback at multiple stages of the development process. Then developers need to know how to apply what they learn to make better-informed decisions.

The Edvantage Group’s experience helps developers react to the right feedback, make the right decisions, and mitigate the risk of overinvesting in things that the market doesn’t need or want:

Minimum Viable Product Testing: Using the simplest viable version of a new product, we get new ideas in front of a lot of educators early. This helps developers validate vision and create a roadmap of essential features and functionality.

Educator Feedback: Involved and invested educators will be the critical early adopters that form the foundation of a go-to-market strategy. We match decision-making educators with developers to gauge acceptance, open pipelines and test markets.

Iterative Product Development:  What did educators like or dislike? What trends did we see in their feedback? We help make sense of it all, build a plan around it, and recommend the appropriate changes to a product.