Connecting Ed-Tech with Education.

Methodology / Services

It’s not just what we do, but how we do it.

A new education reality calls for a new business model. The Edvantage Group is a company like no other. We don’t sell a program or prescribe a procedure. Instead we do what no other change agent can. We personally make the connections that make ed-tech work. It’s a market proposition we call Edvantaged-Relationships.

If solutions are sound and technologies on-target, success comes down to making the right connections – that’s the make-or-break proposition of ed-tech in a changing world. More than ever, teachers and learners are intrigued by new tools, and now the challenge is connecting the right tools with the right audiences at the right time.

The Edvantage Group helps ed-tech companies succeed and educators excel. We use our Edvantaged-Relationship methodology to help steer you through some of your toughest decisions, connect you with the right people and execute strategic plans with an eye on the reality of the education landscape.

With the Edvantage Group on your side:

You Are Effective. Whether it’s validating a proof of concept, producing a minimum viable product, conducting user testing, or making connections, we dig in and get results.

You Are Efficient. We know this space better than anyone. Lean on our knowledge and stop iterating in the places you don’t have to.

You Are Flexible. We understand the ups and downs of ed-tech. Flexibility is your friend. We help you focus when it’s important and zig and zag when you need to.

You Are Confident. Make critical decisions armed with data from sound research methodology. 

You Are Connected. “If you build it, they will come” is a myth. Instead of developers buying lists and educators googling in vain, we make the connections that move solutions to the mainstream.

Edvantaged-Relationships Will Revolutionize How Ed-Tech and Education Connect.

It’s all about knowing, connecting and making better decisions. The Edvantage Group’s Services Suite leverages experience and relationships to move ed-tech forward.