Connecting Ed-Tech with Education.

The Edvantage Group:
How Ed-tech Gets Smart

More ed-tech questions than answers?

That’s why we exist. In a field evolving as rapidly as ed-tech, experience is the best guide. And with over 20 years making connections, building relationships, observing change and helping some of the biggest names in the field earn their stripes, we’ve seen enough to know what’s on the horizon. When we knock on doors, they get opened. That’s because we build relationships that last. We call them Edvantaged-Relationships and they’re building the future of ed-tech.

Meet Our Team:

Lisa March, Managing Partner
Lisa is a recognized leader in ed-tech, guiding both traditional publishers and start-ups to success in a rapidly evolving sector. Lisa’s first venture – Partners in Publishing – and Edvantage have both experienced widespread adoption and impressive success. And Lisa’s industry leadership is also in evidence at top tech accelerators in New York and Boston, where she is a regular mentor to fledging start-ups in the ed-tech space. This passion for innovative technology in education is what led Lisa to form the Edvantage Group. Lisa’s unique blend of experience and vision is what energizes Edvantage and guides long-time associates in the education services industry to innovative solutions. Before ed-tech was the disruptive force it has become Lisa was a top-performing sales team leader for Pearson, Oxford University Press and John Wiley & Sons. Her tenure at these publishing houses came just as the ed-tech boom was beginning, which gave her first-hand experience of the profound strategy shift required to market and sell ed-tech teaching and learning solutions effectively.

Kevin O’Sullivan, Managing Partner
With 20+ years of experience in education-sector services, Kevin has the category expertise to ensure success. Whether it’s optimizing the help desk experience for faculty adopting new technologies or forging successful partnerships for ed-tech companies, commercial publishers and institutions, Kevin’s experience is the difference maker. He’s been around long enough to have experienced ed-tech’s growth spurts, and has guided many start-ups through business development, project management, start-up sales and pipeline development, market research and talent acquisition. And as National Director of Sales for Pearson Learning Solutions, Kevin’s projects included curriculum development, online learning initiatives, LMS integrations, eBook campaigns, institutional sales, custom publishing (print and digital), and the successful launch of multiple programs in the K-12 virtual schools and career college markets. Kevin has also recruited, trained and managed several sales teams that specialized in leveraging technology to deliver education solutions. He was honored for his consistent high performance over four consecutive years as a member of Pearson’s Leadership Council. Kevin identifies potential in untapped markets, and understands how to attract and deploy the right talent to execute sales strategies in those markets. He loves working with a varied range of client companies who serve the education space.

Amber Conti, Manager of Help Desk/Customer Service
Amber brings a strong communications and technical support background to her role managing the Edvantage Help Desk, the go-to technical support team for higher education publishers, students and instructors. Amber is responsible for monitoring inbound calls, e-mails and live chat. And her relationships with product developers mean that complex issues are managed efficiently and effectively. Her webinars and instructor training on web-based learning platforms have become a valuable aid in making sure these technologies measure up to expectations. With her deep knowledge of the ins and outs of the publishing industry, including a variety of on-line learning systems, Amber ensures that Edvantage customer service is unmatched in providing students and instructors the individual attention they need to be successful.

Charlotte Davies, Business Development Manager
Charlotte is a business development and sales superstar with a record of success at SchoolChapters, Inc., Peoples Education, and McGraw-Hill Education, exceeding her sales goals 4 out of 5 years. Skilled at building relationships, discovering client needs and creating effective solutions, Charlotte is a key contributor to a variety of ed-tech market and business development projects. She’s worked for start-ups and established ed-tech companies, which gives her an expert’s perspective on the ed-tech market. Her creative approach to business development leverages her experience developing curriculum and building relationships in a rapidly evolving space. It’s an approach that has won high praise from clients and partners.

Peter O’Reilly, Business Development Manager
Peter works with our publishing and developer partners to cultivate opportunities for growing their businesses. He’s been instrumental in identifying market niches and tailoring content for traditional publishers entering the ed-tech space and some of the sector’s most established ed-tech companies. His work with LearningMate Solutions is a great showcase of his talents, where he’s worked with subject matter experts to build out the product for a broad range of educational disciplines. Peter also lends his sector expertise to the Edvantage internship program, helping prepare the next generation of ed-tech experts.

Brian Wraight, Business Development Manager
After graduating from Northeastern University with a degree in English, Brian taught high school English in Mexico before attending the Publishing Institute at the University of Denver. His career in higher education began in 2013 when he accepted a position with Cengage Learning as a college textbook sales representative. His professional experience has allowed him to hone his consultative, customer service, and digital technology presentation skills.

Chris Muller, Business Development Associate
As a Project Manager at Edvantage, Chris’s work encompasses product development, business development, and market research projects, including work for Pearson Education, McGraw-Hill, Soomo, Cambridge University Press, Vista and Curriculum Associates. Prior to joining Edvantage, Chris worked in Russia, first for the Institute for Cultural Programs in St. Petersburg and later for NBCUniversal supporting its 2014 Olympics coverage. He graduated with a B.A. in International Communications/Russian from American University.

CJ Kenney, Human Resource Manager/Director of Operations
CJ recently joined our team as the Director of Human Resources and Operations. She earned her MBA from UMass Amherst and will contribute to Edvantage’s growth and success by applying her strategy skills to formalize processes and enhance decision making. She is also an active member of the community, coaching ice hockey and softball year round.